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Type 26 Frigate
Type 26 Frigate Side View

Some screen captures of the Type 26 frigate from my new game/book mobile app currently in progress. Hoping to post it on google play sometime in the new year. For now some game screenshots and ship info screens...

Type 26 Frigate Front View

The Royal Navy is building 13 of these new Global Combat Ships. The Royal Australian Navy has selected a modified version of 9 warships and the Royal Canadian Navy has contracted a fleet of 15 based on the Type 26.

Queen Elizabeth Class Aircraft Carrier
A few more screenshots below for nautical, engineering
and aircraft enthusiast's.
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Hopefully we will have the Naval Version up soon :) Cheers!
Type 002 Aircraft Carrier
Type 002 Aircraft Carrier info screenshot.
Izumo Class Aircraft Carrier
Izumo Class Multi-Purpose Destroyer and Escorts
Atago DDG and Akizuki DDG.
Ford Class Aircraft Carrier and Escorts
Zumwalt Class DDG and Ticonderoga Class DDG
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